One of our main activity is dry ice blasting service. We go to different locations, which required by the customers, and  clean the polluted machines, tools and surfaces.


Steps in our workflow:

  • At the first contact, one of our qualified colleague gets contact with the interested, take stack of the work, give information of the opportunities, and answer for every potential question.
  • If it is needed, the colleague does small reference work, so the customer can be sure the effectiveness of the technology.
  • 24 hours after the stack of or reference work, the interested gets our offer.
  • After the order, at the required time and location, our colleagues do the work and bring all the necessary machines, equipments (hose, plug, etc.) and raw material (dry ice).


Are you interested in our XXI. Century innovative blasting technology?

Make sure the effectiveness of technology with your own eyes and ask help from our colleagues!